Dr. Johnson Ho - Principal Veterinary Surgeon

After graduating from Queensland University, Brisbane Australia, with a Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1981, Dr. Ho joined the Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals(RSPCA) in Hong Kong. A year later, he set forth again to Australia for post-graduate studies in avian medicine at Sydney University.

From starting the "Johnson Ho Veterinary Clinic" in 1985 to the running of the "Happy Valley Veterinary Clinic" today, the history of the Clinic is inseparable from the life and career of Dr. Johnson Ho. Even after more than two decades in the profession, his undiminished passion and tireless dedication continues to be a source of inspiration for everyone in the Clinic.

The main mission of Dr. Ho has always been to provide and maintain high quality healthcare for all his patients. His major challenge is keeping abreast of latest advancing developments in Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Ho believes in acquiring new skills, aided by modern diagnostic equipment, would in turn lead to better patient care, more accurate diagnosis and effective treatments